Are we better than anyone else, just because we say we are?

Ok, so Chavez is dead, and Penn and Stone are mourning… Castro hanging by a thread and his nation, as socialist and “communistic” as we have been taught it is, has a higher literacy rate than the US… and Dennis Rodman is partying down in North Korea… Has it ever occurred to us that we are being lied to by our government and media about what other nations are doing and how their leaders view us?
This article, with credible links, may give us an idea why the rest of the industrialized world hates us.. we are liars, cheats, thieves and backstabbers… And that is just our government… The leaders of other nations laugh at our leaders and our nation for electing them.. Most find our two party system as corrupt as our own third party supporters do, yet, as an Amuricun (in the words of Earl Pitts) we allow society, the media and the government to tell us who we should like, and who we shouldn’t….

I recall, directly after his election (Democratically elected every time, by the people), Chavez referred to GWB as the devil, claiming we were going up in a pillar of fire and brimstone… (Now, do we not say the same shit about other nations that we do not “agree” with? I mean, how many soldiers died based on a lie perpetrated by our own government in Iraq?) Then, in 2005, when our people were being ignored and abused in NOLA after Katrina, both Chavez and Castro offered assistance to the US and our citizens, and although good ole boy Bush had no intentions of helping the citizens of our nation, he told those people “no” based on politics and hurt feelings….

We continually say we are a “Christian nation,” that we believe in the right to free speech, the right to have an opinion, and the right say what we want in a government. Well, I do not see us following any of these messages from Christ,(“Love thy neighbor as thy own self” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” “Judge not, lest ye be judged” “He who is without sin shall cast the first stone.”) and I do not see us offering our “neighbors of the planet” the opportunity to make their own decisions without our criticism.

Are we better, do we hold the cornerstone on morality? We claim Christian values, yet we are more concerned with creating a market than feeding those with less. When a person has to decide between a gallon of gas to get to work to pay for that gallon of gas, and a gallon of milk for their children, the nation that they live in is no longer the “Best on Earth” if it ever was.


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